200 post and a update

Wow, So this is my 200th post!e1476ca3877049009670a843f92c70ad_PS_Krøyer__Hip_hi

A lot has happend since I first started this blog back in may 2013, both in my personal life and in my costuming world.

I have advanced quite a lot at work, and are now working ful time at the children section of out towns theatre.  a work which I love and hopes to be able to stay on for a long time.
Me and my boyfriend have also moved to a bigger apartment, where we for the first time feel we what to stay for quite some time. 5962707442_3ebed4feb1_o[1]And I even got a sewing room, where I try, but seldome succed in, keeping all my fabric, threads and pins. (Handsewing alone in the sewing room is just sooo boring…)

And regarding my sewing, I’ve been working on some new item as soon as I have some spair time.
This year I have also been attending a lot of costuming events. 800px-William_Hogarth_027I never knew there was so many creative historical nerds and events out there. I used to never get to wear my costumes, and now I constantly need to prioritice, to be able to go to the event I just can’t miss.

Right along with this being the 200th post, it seams as my pace here at wordpress is running out.
When starting this blog I didn’t know if I would like it, or even continue writing through the whole month. So I picked the free blogspace as a starting place, and now it seams like it’s time for me to start pay for the priveladge to write about my costuming endevor. Moneylender and His WifeWell, it’s been a year, and I still love to show my work to you guys (even though the writing sometimes take from my limited sewing time). So I will defenetly continue to post.
Guess I’ll be back evaluatig this subject when I reach 300…

In the meantime I’ll be here, creating new costumes one stich at a time.images (2)
Thanks to all of my woundeful readers, your support and input are invalible.



4 thoughts on “200 post and a update

  1. Love your blog and all your costumes. You are an amazing seamstress and a wonderful mentor to those of us who are trying to blend our love of sewing and love of history. Thanks for all you do.

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