A dancing Wedding

It’s been almost a month since my friend had her beautiful may wedding, and I have just now gotten around to do a write up. Shame on me, but here it is.

At the day of the wedding, me and my boyfriend hiked a ride with a friend to the church. He was warned beforhand that there probably would be folk music playing at the party, since both the bride and groom love it. He was in a good and tolerant mood all untill we turned the corner of the church and came face to face with… IMG_8427But he needed not to fear, the dancers in national costumes (who I know from our dance company) was leaving, after a performance on a previous wedding.

We where not allowed to photograph during the wedding cermony, but I did manadged to get a quick one of the couple leaving the church.IMG_8430(I was not alone taking photos either…)

IMG_8445The newly-weds on the church steps.

IMG_8448Congratulations to Annika and David!

IMG_8456Hugging all the guests.

IMG_8458Love the brides smile in this one.

Some other friends I know from childhood dancing groups. IMG_8465

Gathering of the gentlemenIMG_8487What it is with these clusters of guys at weddings?

Before leaving for the wedding, I had put together an album using photos from the bachelorett-party to give to the bride as a memory.IMG_8468I then urged all the girls to whrite some coments and loving word to the bride in it.

IMG_8478It did get a bit out of hand…

When the couple arrived at the party they where welcomed by friends playing folk music to them.IMG_8475

IMG_8482A very “relaxed” bouquet, which she got from a flower picking child right before I took this picture.

IMG_8484Annika and Sofia.

All the wedding gifts on the table. IMG_8489How come you always wrap your presents so much better for weddings then for christmas…

After dinner it was time for the bridal dance.IMG_8498And since this couple are born dancers they had decided to do a “polska” in stead of the raditional walths.

IMG_8495It is a much more romanic and “hugging” type of dance, than the elegant but stiff walths.

IMG_8509The guy playing the flute (to the left) had writen the song special for this occasion.

Then it was time for the cake.IMG_8514

It was such a beautiful wedding, and the cabin was perfect for the eartly, folk music style, in wedding party.

And as usual I didn’t get any pictures of myself – (I did wear my teal and black new years dress again) so you will have to settle for an “above shoot” of my shoes.IMG_8480

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