Bachelorett Party

About a month ago I was involved in the planing of a bachelorett party for my friend Annika.
Just one week before her wedding, I found out she hadn’t had any proper celebraton with friends yet. So I pulled a few stings (aka e-mailed the toasmaster, the bridegroom, and our combined friends) and two days before the wedding, 6 of us went to pick her up.

She was working on the place-settings for the guests when we turned up, and the suprised smile turen up side down when she realised there would be no more wedding preporations done that day.IMG_9664After a angry look at the bridegroom, she subcomed and let us drag her away and into the waiting car.

The weater was sunny and warm so we headed for the park to have a picknick. IMG_9681

IMG_9689Sofia – the master of champange.

We drank champange and ate strawberrys and grapes.IMG_8384

Then I took out my “Wedding outfit”IMG_9700The wail was a piece of lace attached by a headband decorated with flowers.

And the gown was my 1901s “White Edwardian dress“, which fit her dreedfuly and combined with her sunglases made her look kind of like an arabian sheik.10417458_10203105680215752_9031182752874838177_n

IMG_8386When the dressing was done, we told her to go about and convince people in the park to take some “Selfies” with her. She would get points for each selfie she mandged to get.

After some hesitation and some grumpy faces, she aproched the first un-suspecting “victims”.IMG_8387After that there was no stopping her…

IMG_1438Happy ladies and extra points for the dog.

When she collected enough, we manadged to get a volunter to take a group picture of us before we headed of to our next stop.IMG_8388

IMG_8390Arabian sheik bride…

Then we had dinner at a local pub.IMG_8393Here she got to answed some really hard (or not) questions about the “Eurovision song contest” – which of course she nailed (since she know every song, artist or whriter ever to enter the contest).

IMG_8391More selfies.

After dinner we went to the “old town” to join the dancing at the folk music dance hal.

IMG_8409Annika and Sofia dancing the “Shottis”.

IMG_8406Sara and Frida doing a “Polska”.

We also got the bride to play a tune togeter with the fiddelers.IMG_8422(Shes no rookie on the violine either).

IMG_1449And then she got to take a “Oscar Selfie” togheter with the orchestra.

We had so much fun togeter- dancing, laughing and doing silly poses. IMG_9778

And at the end of the night the bride had almost forgott about all the wedding preasure.IMG_8418See – We did get you to smile at last…

IMG_1445Me and Annika on a crazy selfie.

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