Artistic inspiration

As soon as the HSF 10: Art, was annonced I knew I wanted to recreate this beautiful gown.robe à l'anglaise

Later when browsing the internet for other similarly striped gowns, I noticed they were very popular in costuming circles but not that comon in museums.

Some lovely costumes.

back striped gown at tea

Sarah-striped polonaise


And some extant examples.DT11839





4b4e281244a49e7b148afffec6a6e076a zone front


When it comes to the paintings the examples where even fewer. Except for my original inspiration picture I only found two paintings, and one sporting somewhat striped gowns.

4260119925_f2f2f29223Well, at least the shawl are striped… And the dress are a zone front with a white underdress and skirt.



629a56cb9743918d5fb3323e417fc293Not even sure this one is 18th century (It don’t look like other period paintings).

Then I turned to fashion plates.465e399f28de527eeac544dc894aa34a


And found one looking almost ecaxtly like my inspiration. imagesCAJNR3PBPerfect!

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