Theatre: Rose Rose Rose

imagesyA rose is a rose is a rose…

This spring we have had one of my favorite theatres for young adults playing at my work.

Sadly it did finish playning last week, so if you missed it – sorry.

It is a play about girls…imagesjg…played by boys.

It’s about so many things concerning a young girls life, thoughts and the confusion of growing up.

This is whats it’s all about:


…Embaresing mothers, and akward situations…ROSE_U~1



…Hopes and broken dreams…imagesCA0R49G7 (1)“The star project”

…Eating disorders and drugs…_06a6115

…More boybands…imagesCAARJG6Z


… And thinking no one understands.imagesjhgf

The three male actors (Ashkan Gods, Krister Kern and Elya Birman) are so great as the  insecure girl Rose – the girl who lives (or once lived) in all of us.untitledhfg


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