Overload of Theatre and Running

This weekend have been stuffed full with lots of great and exiting things, but have also left me totaly drained. (I’m just hope my sewing spirit will return soon, so I can finish the two dresses I’m currently working on).

My busy weekend begun thursday morning, when I got on the train to attend a “Childrens theatre festival” called Bibu, with my work colleges.

We arrived at lunch, checked in to the hotel, then emedetly grabed our tickets to go watch the first show on our full schedule. During this and the next day, we wached aboyt 8 theatre shows, hosted a seminarium (inkluding a book release), and attended the last night party. No wounder I’m exhausted.

We saw some great shows, some realy strange ones and some, which didn’t manadged to wow us at all. I will not tell you much about them, but here are some pictures of the plays we watched.

Drömställe” (Dreamplace)xoq2fgxt6r56qitfwtgh A high scool, clown play about refuges and freedom. By: Clowner without borders.

Faunan och Jag” (Me and the Fauna)fnya8ixffvi5hw7atj1wA kids dance show about animals and the nature. By: Mina Crocks Dance.

Lillan och Pappa August” (child and daddy August) agenpj2uv7oemghbduq2A kids play about separated parents and childs play. By: The city/marionett theatre

Utopia” (Utopia)xw2d6isgivepqegpwke5 A high school play about drugs and alcohol. By: Backa Theatre.

Krimradio” (Crime radio) 644x429(ByWidth_CutTopBottom_Transparent_True_False_Undefined)Another high school play about drugs and crime – this one performed by the narators themself. By: Backa theater.

Les Moutons” (the sheep)z9n5tbz5eq1ev068bqw7 A smal kids play about sheep. By: Corpus.

Den unge Verters lidande” (The suffering of young Verter)Örebro-länsteater-Den-unge-Werthers-lidanden-foto-Daniel-AnderssonA high school play about love, despair and literature. By: Örebro länsteater.

This next one, I saw about half a year ago but was also performed at the festival, so I thought I include it as well.

Författarna” (The writers)IMG_1126_liten_A high scool play about society, anxiety and friendship. By: Unga Klara.

We also had the time to se one of the towns most beauitful place.

The old fortress in the midle of the city shopping street. DSC_1413Beautiful steps up the look-out, once used to watch for invading Danish ships.

And when you get up the staires – a huge watch-tower.DSC_1416

The view are spectacular (much better then I could capture in this picture).DSC_1417

I even manadged to snap a picture of my colleges coming up the staires.DSC_1422

After two days of intense theatre I took a early train to Gotenburg, where I meet my boyfriend and sister – who were both preparing for the anual runners competition.

The weather was great and there were people everywere….DSC_1433About 60 000 runners with entorage had gattered in the big park for the event of “Göteborgsvarvet” (Gothenborg city run), 21 km running through the city.

Some runners right before they pas the starting line.DSC_1430

2013-05-18_12.08.10The streets were packed with runners and on-lookers, and the mass of people continued for 6 hours.

I however, spent the day cheering, walking around the market pace and relaxing with a book in the gras.DSC_1432

DSC_1434My sister right after finishing the race – she dosn’t even look tired…

Then it was time to get on the buss to go home. After 3 days away, it was realy nice getting home to my own bed again.


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