A spring Wedding

This weekend I’ve been attending the wedding between my boyfriends cousin and his girlfriend (now wife).

Since the event was located quite a bit from our home town, we packed our bags and got in the car early on saturday morning.

About halfway there, I realized I forgotten my camera (dhoe), and would have to use my mobile phone for pictures. Need not to say, I didn’t take as many pictures as I originaly planed.

But here are the ones I did take – that’s not way to blurry/dark/weird or crapy.

DSC_1415The Chatedral were the wedding was held.

DSC_1413Thats a Big building.

DSC_1395Beautiful light coming through the windows.

DSC_1398They do…

DSC_1399Coming out of the church.

DSC_1400Rose petals everywere.

DSC_1408They look so happy and beautful. But I must admit there was something that drew my gaze even more then the brides smile (or even dress).

DSC_1406Yay! A kimono!

DSC_1407The bride is japanese, and her family had came over to Sweden from Tokyo to attend the wedding.

DSC_1410Such beauty (both of them), I was thrilled. And now I want to own a kimomo even more…

DSC_1409Congtatulation to Tobias and Asako!

DSC_1418Not a good picture, but a moment the newlyweds will not forget in quite some time – The baker had written the wrong name on the cake…. (we all laught about it, and they swore to try to get a refund).

And what about me?

I did manadged to snapp a selfie in the mirror before dinner.DSC_1416Wearing my new years dress, Gibson shoes and new edwardian jacket.



3 thoughts on “A spring Wedding

  1. Wow. . . Wedding was so cool….beautiful bride ……and kimono…….and what tops them all is……..ur photography.. . U made it special.

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