Sewing some Everyday UFOs

As a seamstress you can design and create all the wounderful costumes and gowns you like, but you are also obligated to do all those boring, but necessery, sewing nefties that ever so often needs to be done. Like changing zippers, heming pants, mending shirts and making curtains.

I must confess I hate doing this. It is so boring it almost kills me. And since I detest it so much, I procrastinate and stale until the piles are about to choke me. Then, and only then, I will get to it and finish them of.

This eastern have been such a time for me.

Instead of working on faboulus gowns I’ve been digging in my ever growing pile of “must fix” stuff. Most of them are not that interesting but, since it is UFO fortnight, I will show you some of the sewing I’ve been up to this holiday.

Fist I’ve done some home-decor – Curtains. IMG_7694 Hemming this old purple pair.

And making these two from skratch. IMG_7699IMG_7697 Please ignore the crocked hem.

Then I started on some of the comisions I’ve taken on from collegues and friends.

IMG_6457 IMG_6456

I shortened a pair of pants.

And made a slim skirt a bit smaler at the wasit.

IMG_6453 IMG_6454

Then I cleaned my whole sewing room (and apartment) thouroughly, and brought out my friends bridal gown.IMG_7853

It needed to be shortened a bit. IMG_7868 And as always with bridal gowns, the shortening was a bit more complex then just cuting and hemming. But after some initial insecurity I manadged to get it done.IMG_7867 (And No, I will not show you any pictures of the gown itself (yet)).

I’ve also tackled two zipper changes, some lose buttons and finishing of the hemming on my fichu. IMG_7904

I also got the chance to try on, and alter the Pink caraco jacket for my sister.IMG_7772

I’ve even got time to do some work on three up-coming historic hats, and finish and take nice pictures of my HSF14 UFO entry. (The pictures from the photoshoot will soon be posted).

Quite a productive weekend if I may say so myself.

Now, lets get on with the awsome gowns again…

5 thoughts on “Sewing some Everyday UFOs

  1. I did my mending pile last night too. Several buttons back on, undoing a hem turnup since eldest boy has grown and darning the bottom of my husband’s favourite socks. Now to tidy (and move) the sewing room.

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