New (and old) Costume Stuff

Latley I’ve been re-discovering the faboulus world of online auctions. And have, and this should come as no suprise, now added a bit to my costuming accessories.

So today I thougt it was time to share my findings.

Lets start with something form the regular stores.

Two sunhats bought at different clothing stores for about 100 Sek each.IMG_7072The black one has recently been transformed to my Edwardian picture hat, and the beige one will become a regency bonnet once I’ve got the time to deal with it.

This smal bag is ment to go together with an outfit/costume I’m not yet finished with.IMG_7058(Can you guess what it might be….)

And so is this old styled chained watch.IMG_7059(Still no idea on the costume?)

Lets give you a last hint….

A plastic water gun and some acrylic paint. IMG_7056 If you still havent figured it out, I guess you just have to wait untill summer when I will reveal the (hopully) finished costume.

I also got some black earings, a flowery headband for 1850s evening wear, and some cool looking stockings to be worn with some Edwardian dress.IMG_7077

Here are some stuff thats been in my stash for about a year (but I wanted to include them anyway).IMG_7337A black lace fan, and lace mittens, both used in my “Camille photoshoot“. A black feather headclip, a plastic rose, and one of the above earings now turned into a brosh.

Lets start with my trift finds.

A smal umbrellaIMG_7338 with lovely wooden colour and Japanese inspired paintings.

IMG_7344 IMG_7340


I also got this smal embroderied handbag and earings (clip-ons), both claimed to be from the 1950s. IMG_7909I don’t have the knowledge to judge, but I think they look lovely, and I’m thinking of using them for some early 1900s fashion.

And just the other day the package with my 3 new  “Allers Mönstertidning”  (Allers Pattern magazine) from 1913s arrived.2014-04-17 15.59.06(I will give you a closer look of these magazines in some of my up-coming posts.)

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