Camille Clifford

Searching the internet for som Edwardian inspiration I came across this glamorous lady. 220px-Camille_Clifford_2

Her name was Camille Clifford (29 June 1885 – 28 June 1971), and she was a well known varité artist.

Her towering coiffure and hourglass figure defined the Gibson Girl style.

Camille Clifford - Gibson GirlLook at those shapes…

“Camille was raised in Sweden,Norway and Boston. In the early 1900s she won US$2000 in a magazine contest sponsored by illustrator Charles Dana Gibson to find a living version of his Gibson Girl drawings: his ideal woman.

Clifford became an actress, performing in the United States from 1902 and in England from 1904. She returned from London to Boston on 3 July 1906. While only playing walk-on, non-speaking roles, Clifford became famous nonetheless: not for her talent, but for her beauty. Her trademark style was a long, elegant gown wrapped around her tightly corseted, eighteen-inch wasp waist.” (from Wikipedia.)


“She retired from the stage and married Captain the Honourable Henry Lyndhurst Bruce in 1906. They had one child, Margaret, but the child died five days after birth. Her first husband was killed during The Great War in 1914.

She made a brief return to the stage after the death of her first husband. Then in 1917, married Captain John Meredyth Jones Evans. After the war she left the stage for good and later owned a stable of successful racehorses. Her second husband died in 1957.” (from Wikipedia).


Photographs of her taken by Lizzie Caswall Smith in 1905 often appear in historical fashion books and on websites to illustrate the Edwardian style.


I must say I’m totaly in love with her look. Those sweeping skirts, wide hips and slim waist – and not to forget the saucy look in her eyes, telling us she’s in full control.

tumblr_lpuetqs5JQ1qzixv7o1_500The lady does know how to wear a train.

Camille_Clifford_(Mrs._H.L._Bruce)_(Mrs._J.M.J._Evans)_(LOC)Soft and beautiful.

hämtaLooks like a painting (perhaps it is).



tumblr_ljj7c1Y0ZV1qj0xaio1_400Same dress, different style.

526fe4b9691ae34f088253ee5a5e7650Such gorgeous shapes…

gibson007And she certanly knows how to pose to make the most of them.

tumblr_kykf6enEjb1qarrqqo1_500“Just relaxing…”

tumblr_lg41m2e5lz1qb8ugro1_500Love this dress (must make it someday).


I think I’ve found my new style icon.

I may not have the curves (no shit), but I hope I can get the confidens and attitude she has, and the abillity to know my strenghts to make me able to pull of whatever look I want.


4 thoughts on “Camille Clifford

  1. Det ör möjligt att Camille inte hade de där kurvorna heller, det var vanligt att man vadderade byst, bak och höfter för att förstärka kurvorna. 🙂 Men i vilket fall som helst så var hon en vacker och elegant dam!

  2. B.E.A.utiful! Bara så du vet så ska jag anställa dig för att göra min brudklänning med inspiration från dessa vackra klänningar 😀

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