Giveaway Mittens

A couple of weeks ago I had my very first giveaway.

Thanks to everyone who particepated. It was really successful and one lucky winner got a pair of hand made mittens.

getimageInspirational Picture from The Mets

A bit late, but I manadged to finished them last night and now they are finaly on their way to their new home.

I used the pattern from “Costume Close-up” and made it a tad smaler since the mittens was supposed to be size S/M (this is something I also did on my original white/green mittens).img311

For fabric I used a nice linnen/cotton blend with a nice stretch to the bias. IMG_7096

For linning and the coloured decoration piece I used regular cotton fabric.IMG_6645Cuting out the pieces.

I started the assemely  by basting, and stiching the folding of the center gore.IMG_7095

IMG_7097I used two differnet coluor cotton thread on this project – the white for internal seams and the blue for decoraional stiches.

I made the thumbs (sewed them together, felled the seams and decorated the top).IMG_7090Then I sewed them on.IMG_7100The inside/backside.

IMG_7101And from the outside/front.

IMG_7132Close-up of internal stiches. I think they look pretty ok.

When the tumbs and all of their decoration was done it was time to sew the mittens together. Then I trimmed and felled the seams, and hemmed all the edges.IMG_7134

IMG_7141In and outside of the mittens at this stage.

Then there was only the last decorational stiches left – on the top and bottom edges, and the three little rows on the backside of the hand.


Finished Mittens:






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