100th post!

Wow, have it really been that many?!

When starting this blog back in May/June I thought I would barley made it through summer, but its been so much fun and inspirating whriting and photographing all my work, I now feel like a will go for that 200th post.

This blog has really helped me stay on track with all my sewing planes. It got me to finish and to photograp all the items I make, and also, to whrite and remember what I done make it so much esier if I ever whant to make some of this stuff again.

I’ve been working on a whrite-up on all the things I made this past year – And that’s not litle.

It’s so easy to forget all that litle things you throw together the moment before the party, or that boring shift thats been waiting for ages, but when you count them all you find that you done a whole lot more than you thought. And whitout this blog it wold be difficult to keep track of them all.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my misshaps and errors, and if only one of you have learned something or feelt inspired to try something new I think I’ve been succesfull.

And I actually got 40 followers by now! Yay!

Favim.com-18th-century-19th-century-letter-art-664786And please say if there is anything you would like to have more (or less) of on this blog.

2 thoughts on “100th post!

  1. LOVE your posts! and all the pictures. and all the details of your sewing/fabrics/trim. Thank you for taking time to share your lovely projects. Keep posting!!

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