A 1m Apron

For the HSF Challenge 25: 1 m – I decided to make something simple. As the prevous challenge been a pretty demanding dress (1840s checkered green dress), I needed to slow down a bit and make a simple yet versetile and wearable piece.

So I went through my stash and found the remaining pieces of this lovely checkered cotton voile, prevously used in my Renesance shirt and 18th century coif.


The remaning fabric was a 0,3 x 2,5 m long piece. And I decided to make an apron out of it, even though it ment piecing three pieces of 75cm fabric togheter.

So that’s what I did.

Cutting the long strip in three pieces and piecing them to each other at the vertical seams, and whipstiched them down. Then I gattered the waist, sewed on a waisband with ties and hemed the whole thing.

Quick and simple.

IMG_4089You can’t even see the piecing.




Just the facts:

Challenge: 25: 1 m.

What: A Simple Apron.

Year: 1500-1900

Pattern: None

Fabric: A leftover piece of 2,5 x 0,3 m ivory cotton voile.

Notions: Thread

How Historical accurarte: I didn’t use any historical model when making this apron, but figured they were made aproxemetly the same way all through history. So I give it a 7/10.

Cost: 0 Sek (Stash and remaning pieces project)

Time: About 5 hours.

First worn: On the 19th century theemed christams party dec 14.

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