Sports Vs Sewing

The constant (loving) argument going on in my house is that my boyfriend watches to much sports – both on the television, computor and attending the games.

He on the other hand argues that I spend to much of my time sewing and making historical costumes, and why should I we watch my series and programs on television when I don’t even wach ’em, but instend bending my neck over my needlework?

This got me thinking.

What if I we make a bet out of it. Just to determen who have the rights in this argument.

So this year (starting jan 1) I will construct and sew an entirely 1780s Robe a langlaise only while “watching” his games. I will not be allowed to make anything (not a stitch) on the dress unless there is a game playing on the television (before/after sport talk and match-breaks are also included).

I’m counting aproxemently 30-40 work hours on the gown including draping a pattern, fitting and making the dress up.

That ecuals to aproxemently 10-15 games of either fotball or hockey (including breaks).

I’m still not sure what to do with the time he spends at games, or watching them on the computor (thous leving the televison to me), but since I’m also participating in the 2014s HSF I think I will need that time to make and compleate all those challenges.

I already have the fabric for the dress – a lovely brown/flowery cotton print I bought on sale earlyer this fall.


And for the first time I actually look forward to the up-coming sporting season.

Let the game begin…

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