Advents Fair

Last weekend me and my boyfriend were attending a yardsale/christmas fair at his work.

We spent most of the previous day going through and sorting out old basment stuff. Some of it we throw away, som we donated to good will. And the remaining stuff we decided to try to sell.

So when the morning came we packed our boxes and whent to the “market place”. We set up camp, carefully displaying every item of old stuff on a table. I even got to use an old clothing rack to hang some of hand made, my un-used dresses.







On the table beside ours where some folks selling theire stuff, and next to them a table of books at bargain prices.



On the other side of the yard there was a girl selling home-made cockies and candy.


And thats about it…

It was so cold our feet froze, and almost no customers.

We did hold on for about 4-5 hours befor we decided there was no use. So we whent home, leaving all the unsold items in their boxes and spend the evening trying to get warm again.

Maybe we try again in the spring…

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