Halloween decoration and party

This year I decided to host my own halloween party. So on the day of the party I putt out my decoration (Once again – Sweden are not big on halloween, so my collection is to be considered bigger then most peoples).


This is my fauvorite piece.IMG_2971





“Scary” labels for wine bottles.IMG_2979

Then I stared working…






IMG_2900I’m pretty pleast with how it all looked. The spiderweb combined with the candelights really set mood.

Our guest was also happy to dress up.

We got a fox besides Zorro (or is it Hamlet?)IMG_2934

These girls dressed as eachotherIMG_2923And acted the part all night, geting into some humorus disputes in caracter.

Murder at hand.IMG_2942

Bimbo posing. (but is it S or A who is the real bimbo?)IMG_2951

And a first glipse of my costume.IMG_2917

The party was great and we even whent out dancing in costumes. So much fun!

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