A Masquerade cape

As the HSF Challenge 22 Masquerade drew closer, I knew I wanted to make something I could use togheter with more than one costume.

I had also noticed a big hole in my costuming closet – outerwear.

I didn’t have anything to wear when traveling to my upcoming costume events. I needed something that would keep me warm yet not mess up the dress worn underneath. It would also need to work both with my medieval dress and an upcoming 1850s gown.

So when reading the challenge recuirement I noticed Lemomoni mention “cape”, and knew it would be perfect.

A pretty medieval cape…121_large

And some Victorian.



After searcing a bit on the internet, comparing the medieval cape to the victorian one, I decided to make a short cape with a fur-trimed hood. It would not be strictly historical, but it would serve my purpose for a multi-functional garment.

I bought some brown velvet and a piece of brown faux furr.


I draped and drafted a “quic and dirty” pattern, and started to cut the pieces.



I sewed the cape together, tucked the seams and attached the hood. I marked the lenght, and cut and hemmed the cape.


Then it was time for the fur. I cut stripes and sewed them on the front edges of the cape and hood. Then I sewed a hook and eye for closure at the neck.









Just the facts:

Challenge: 22 – Masquerade

What: A short cape

Year: 1300-1900 (sort of)

Pattern: None, drafted my own.

Fabric: 1 m brown velvet and 0.2 m faux furr.

Notions: Thread and hook and eye.

How historical accurate: Not much, but I think the look of it will suffice for several periods.

Time: 8 hours

Cost: 100 Sek (11USD)

First worn: On the 9th of november, at a Medieval fiest.

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