Sex for real – theatre

This autumn I got the oppurtunity to work with some great actors and the hilarious play “Sexigt – på Riktigt” (Sexy – For Real).

1234408_10151867351278958_1952329291_nFront to back: Sofia Landström, Ellen Norlund and Martin Werme.

It is a show for teenager age 13-16, and it is about Sex.

But not in the usal way.

This is a improvisional play with the goal to show the great and fun sides of exploring ones sexuality.

Its about that scary, yet exiting feeling when kissing or holding hand with someone for the first time. Its about all those embarasing body funktions (swett, farts and blushing), and the fear of everything yet un-expolred.

But most of all, it’s about respecting yourself and the people around you. And to just have fun, and embrace the wounder of love between two (or more) people. – A great review of the play in the theatre magazine “Nummer” (In Swedish)

734348_10151867351083958_1559076780_nTime for a song about “Svettiga Handflator” (swetty palms).

1234376_10151867351328958_316929337_nThe “boob” is a very brisk little animal who needs to come out and play three times a day…

1375279_10151867351063958_2010976911_nDrawing a juicy fantasy about Justin Beiber.

2987946_520_292Portraying “The first kiss”.


And Yes, The costumes are imitations of stylized genitals.

547267_10151849040953958_1659316583_nRefrigerator magnets in the shape of the “Sexigt” ensamble, made by Sofia Landström. Aren’t they cute.


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