A piece of Hunneberg

When taking pictures of a garnment there are a couple of things that I find verry important. Such as the costume, the accessories and the location.

One of my biggest criterias for a good location is that it should look like the era that is being portraited and it should be close by – I do not like to walk long distances dressed to my teeth in costume.

So today I will tell you about one of my favourite photo locations in Linköping where I live.

The wooden houses of Hunneberg (Hunnebergsgårdarna).


These beautiful houses originates from the late 18th century, and have been homes to many families throughout the years. They have been re-build and re-painted several times and housed both shops (shoemaker, butcher etc) and during the prohibition,  an under the table liquor store and brothel.


The last family left in the 1950s and the properties have since then been under the townships supervision.

Now they contain handycraft shops and small offices.


The area is open to the public, and every once in a while the local guiding group passes by.


Strangely I didn’t even know about this place until my boyfriend managed to get an office room in one of the houses. So now I have a good reason to visit often.









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