A one hour Cap

For the Separate Robe photoshoot I needed to make myself something to put on my head, since a proper lady never would have left home whitouth something on the head.

A quick search of he internet made me decide on a simple cap. They seam both versetail and easy to make, and will go with almost every style in 18th century dress.

1749-52 John Wollaston (1733-1767) Portrait of a Woman Art Insti of Chicago


tumblr_mrkqc6UcGT1rx6rzno1_500Early 18th century noble ladies.

Mrs Williams circa 1790 by John Hoppner 1758-1810Young 1780s girls.


SchokoladenmHaube-1744-45-L… And serving girls.

Curse_of_an_Aching_HeartNo 18th century but so beautiful it needed to be included in this post.

Thee are som pattens for caps and simple headwear out there, but I only use them to get an overal feel of the pattern.



ColonialCapSideMine will be something along these lines.

I found some leftover fabric in my stash and cut a circle about 30 cm in diameter, a headband the lengt to go around my head and a stipe to be pleated onto the front. The only rode bump, was that i needed to piece the headcloth to get a big enough cirkle.

I cut, folded nd sewed the cap, ocasionlytrying it on my head to get a feel of the sie and shape. When finished I put a string into the chanal to be tied at the nape of the neck.

Al this took me less the one hour.

And this is how it looked on the phothoshoot.






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