By the Sea – Inspiration

For the 8th challenge of the HSF – by the sea – I looked at so many different inspiration pictures, and had such a difficult time to decide what/wich to make.

The candidates for this challenge where all beautiful and interesting in its own way, but there was always something to make me hesitate and in the end go for the 1930s dress.

Here are 10 of my favorite runner ups.

Starting with nr 10.1903-Delineator-363x500Altough this 1900s dress have a wouderful silhouette I know that I would never wear it – not with that collar. And without the collar it wouldn’t fit the challenge.

nr 9.Alma-TademaThis grecian dress is just beautiful and I even have the perfect fabric for it, but it somehow seems too easy for a challenge – kind of like cheating.

nr 8.edwardian-lady-by-the-sea-jill-battagliaThis edwardian dress is so pretty and delicat looking and I love the pop of color. Sadly it seems like it is the accessories that makes this dress so beautiful, and I have no idea of where to get a pair of red gloves.

nr 7.tumblr_mfl633PFET1qdzvg9o1_500This 18th century gown is just lovely, and I know I will make it someday but it is just too much work for this challenge.

nr 6.1908waistsThis shirtwaist from 1909 seems like a good amount of work within my timeframe, and possibly even a quite useful garnment to have. But It just seems too dull.

nr 5.American-Impressionist-Painter-Edward-Cucuel-Girl-by-the-Sea-Oil-PaintingI’m loving the skirt on this 1910-20s dress, but  sadly I can’t imagine myself ever wearing it.

nr 4.282This 1880s painting is so lovely, and I really want that dress (and that figure). After a few sketches of possible construction methods, I had to let it go as I neither have the time nor the economy to make it justice right now.

nr 3.30tals badräkt framOn a totally different note I absolutely love this bathingsuite from the 1930s. After a bit of thinking about construction and fabric searching I decided that it was too intricate to make and appearently impossible to find a suiting fabric for.

nr 2. 20swim4This swimsuite seemed simple yet charming (and I think the picture is hilarious), but I’m strongly sceptical to modelling this little thing on a photoshoot…

nr 1.bal21958“Nordic summer evening” is one of my favourite swedish paintings, and the dress worn by the singer Karin Pyke is so graceful and elegant. I want it! Despite of the tight time schedule I decided to make it – I even bought the fabric (a cream colored striped cotton voile). It wasn’t until the last minute before draping the bodice i decided to go in another, much faster, direction with this challenge.

The winner!

1934leach-way19Both pretty and easy to make, and with the big possibility to be worn more than just for the finishing photos.

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