The Historical Sew Fortnightly

I’m guessing that by now you must wonder what the heck “The Historical Sew Fortnighly” is. Well then I will tell you.

It started with “the dreamstress” idea of making one historical garnment every fortnight and then share it with other people in the costume comunity. So she started the website and the facebook group, shared it with some friends and posted some challenges to begin with.

And then it grew.
The reputation spread through the sewing sites and costume groups, and more and more people joined in. All eager to learn more, and to try more and different techniques in historical costuming.

This is where I first find out about the site. Sarah a blogger I knew about since reading her blog posted a link to “The Historical Sew Fortnightly” on a sewing site where I’m a member. It only took me a few minutes to decide (while reading the rules) that this was something fabolous and that I definately needed to be in on it.

Sadly I’ve already missed the first challenge, but since then I have managed to submit something to each and every one of them (and of course I will be posting and telling you about my entrance for the past challenges too).

So if you are the least interested in historical clothes and sewing – which I’m guessing you are or else you wouldn’t be reading this page –  you should check it out. It is never too late to participate, or if you don’t like to sew, you can always indulge in the wounderful creations the people of “The Historical Sew Fortnightly” makes and posts about on the facebook page.

And as a finish – as you should never have a blogpost without pictures, take a look at this beautiful couple.
dancing couple

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